Pet photographers and their little bag of tricks

Every photographer has a few tricks up their sleeve when trying to gain and maintain the attention of their models.

When photographing children you will see the photographer use toys that are cute, funny, and some that make noise. There is almost always a squeaker in the box somewhere. These items work wonderfully to draw out the smiles and laughter that makes so many child portraits priceless keepsakes. The sheer fun in it brings a child’s personality to the surface for capture.

This method works well when photographing animals as well and most attention getting items are readily available at local pet stores. There are a few items no pet photographer should be without. If you check the bags of a few, you will most likely find some or all of the following.

Note: Always discuss the use of any objects or treats with the pet owners before your photographic session begins. Some noise makers may be unpleasant for some pets and food allergies may prevent the use of treats. Always get to know your subject.

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