Shopping for the perfect pet photographer

It takes a certain sort of person to photograph pets, and do it well. You can find photographers most anywhere who will do a good enough job to put a print on your wall. But only a person with a genuine love of animals will produce a portrait worth displaying for a lifetime.

Not just the kind of person who lovingly smiles at Butch as he or she pats Butch’s head, but the kind of person that wants to enjoy the playfulness in your pet no matter how young or how old, how big or how small, or how furry or bald.
When shopping for pet portraits choose a photographer that suits your pet’s needs as well as your own. The best way to do this is to take your pet with you when seeking a photographer. Let your furry friend sniff them out, literally. Observe any interaction your pet has with the photographer both initially and after they have gotten a chance to know each other. It should only take a few minutes. Sometimes you will know instantly.
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