Children at Play

ZoKids. They just do what they do, and pour every ounce of themselves into whatever it is they’re into at the moment. They’re amazing creatures and if you just watch them, uninterrupted, you just might learn a think or two. 

It doesn’t take a big studio, lots of tedious lighting, or even a Sunday-best outfit to make quality portraits, especially with children.

Good portraits should capture not only the likeness of our subject, but their personality as well. And some of the best images captured will happen when you least expect them.elly

You simply cannot get this naturally thoughtful image from an orchestrated pose.

I’ll give you that these are not your typical portrait images and I by no means insinuate that you have your next children’s portrait session in a mud hole.

But try your child’s next photographic session in their comfort zone, doing their own thing, while your photographer does theirs.

I didn’t have a bit of trouble getting these youngsters to smile for me.


Gone are the stodgy old portraits of yesteryear.

We’ve busted out of the studio and the possibilities are endless.

~ Gila


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