Animal Welfare Examiner for the St. Louis and Southeast Missouri Region-

Among the many things I do in life, I write a column on for Animal Welfare in the St. Louis and Southeast Missouri region. I’ve been involved with pets in one fashion or another for so long, why not write about it? I do my research. I am well informed. And I enjoy sharing the information with others.

When I worked for HSSEMO in 2010, we worked an animal hoarding case that was one of the wildest situations I ever photographed. Over 75 animals were taken from a single residence. The majority of them were actually residing in the house with one adult and one child living in a mountain of trash and animal feces.

The city later condemned the house, the child was placed in state custody, and criminal charges we filed. Check this link for the article on hoarding and photos of the scene.

Shortly after the big hoarding case came another case involving over 40 Jack Russell Terriers. It was a back yard breeder situation gone horribly wrong. That spawned the question from many, “What exactly is a back yard Breeder?”

I also write about things like Pet tips for the holidays, Microchipping your petexceptional pets in the community, and other helpful articles related to animal welfare. 

I am excited about a couple of future articles that will contain information on a couple of new pet supply stores in Cape, and all the wonderful merchandise and services they offer.

Interested yet? Click here to browse my articles on St. Louis and Southeast Missouri Animal Welfare on


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