A Nany kind of day.

The weather in Southeast Missouri today left much to be desired. It rained and drizzled on and off all day and the temps were in the low 60’s. It was just gray and drab and nothing worth looking out the window at.

My oldest son came in from church hungry for one of momma’s good old country brunches. He had bags with eggs, milk, and bacon so off to the kitchen I went to make his day.

I didn’t have enough flour to make a full batch of white biscuits so I tried something new. Whole-wheat biscuits. Yummm! (Click here for the recipe)

Never thought of using whole wheat flour for biscuits but they turned out fabulous. Better than any biscuit I have ever made as a matter of fact. Light and fluffy, full of flavor. They were the bomb covered in milk gravy made with bacon drippings, and there weren’t any of them left over.

I had already started a pot of soup for the day before Anthony blew in the door requesting a cholesterol filled, artery clogging meal.

With a beef soup bone and left over roast, potatoes, and carrots from supper last night, I added some more fresh veggies (onions and celery) and some canned tomatoes, making a pot of hearty beef soup with drop dumplings.

It was a fitting supper for a chilly fall day. And as always with a pot of soup, there’s plenty left over.Great for a quick microwaved lunch later in the week, or perhaps a whole other meal with some sandwiches.

I got the mess all cleaned up from the brunch and soup making, and got a taste for something sweet. I got a taste for chocolate cake. A cake I have made so many times in my life that I no longer need to look at the recipe to make it. A recipe that brings back memories of a time when life was more simple and easier to enjoy. Nany’s chocolate sheet cake. A favorite of mine and that of many of my family and friends.

It wasn’t until I pulled the cake out of the oven that I realized that I didn’t have the powdered sugar needed to make icing. Not being a big fan of icing anyway I shrugged it off and set the cake out to cool.

And just so you know, ice cream makes a wonderful substitute for icing any day.


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