Puppy with chemical burns makes miraculous recovery

Clay: Puppy on the mend at Caruthersville, MO Humane Society

A little over a week ago a seven week old puppy was found wandering alone on a road in Pemiscot County, MO. On his head and face were severe chemical burns judged to be about a week old and left untreated, his whole head swollen from infection. It’s unimaginable the pain he had endured.

Clay sustained chemical burns all over his head. Photo by Caruthersville Humane Society

This young male Pit Bull puppy, now called “Clay” was taken to the Caruthersville Humane Society. There he has been received treatment and is reportedly doing well. Animal Abuse officer Karol Wilcox says “It’s amazing everything this pup has overcome. We just didn’t think he was going to pull through. But after seeing what a loving little thing he was and his desire to live, we had to give him every chance possible. We just know this little guy is alive for a reason and meant to do something with his life.”

Read the full article.


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