A little color back home

I recently had the opportunity to go back home and spend some time shooting with a friend of mine. I have known Gretchen forever. Her mother was my third grade school teacher and our lives have been intertwined throughout the years in one fashion or another for as long as I can remember.

Yesterday, we got to “play” together for the first time in many moons. We were hoping to spot a few deer foraging for the evening meal but we weren’t so fortunate. But the setting sun was casting some beautiful color in the evening sky and there was no sense in wasting that.

Enjoy . . .

First stop for color was City Lake. Can’t tell you the countless hours I spent at this place growing up. Funny how I see it differently now than I ever did way back when. I can see the beauty of the shadows of a fall evening out here. It’s a good place to sit and work out the trivia of the day or simply appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

Driving along Gretchen spied this great find. Nice silhouettes in the distance. It kept us busy for awhile.

Shadows and silhouettes might not be everyone’s cup of tea but they sure make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“Back home” for me is rural America. Farm land as far as the eye can see and flat for the most part. That enables one to get some really nice shots on the horizon in the harsher rays of the early or late sun. Thousands of acres that have remained unchanged for hundred of years, or at least for as long as I remember.

But there have been some changes. Modern society and the increasing need for energy have transformed a chunk of that farm land into a major mecca of movement.

Imagine driving down a country road with corn and bean fields in every direction with nothing around but the occasional home spotting the landscape. Off in the distance you can see something poking above the horizon that looks more than a little out of place.
Right in front of you, just a few miles outside of a handful of small Illinois towns, in the middle of a field, you can happen upon this monster looming in the horizon. Something about it just seems sinister in the late evening shadows of the setting sun.

Traveling the road the transfer lines are visible far into the sunset.

It all seemed less ominous as we drove away.

I was thrilled with the color I captured on my little outing, and had a wonderful time with my friend. I look forward to the next time we can “play” again.


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