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I’m working on a few specials for print pricing this fall and I thought it would be important to find out what people want before I choose what goes into those specials.

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Humane Society calendars to hit the stands soon

Three years in a row I have shot the photos for the yearly calendar put out by the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri, located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Every year it’s a tedious process what with trying to line out a dozen human models and a dozen pets, and rarely the pairs or groups come from the same homes. That’s a minimum of 24 people (models and pet owners) to lock into appointment times and it is never a simple task. Folks are all just so busy these days.

But as in previous years we set out to make it happen and it did, and I think it all came out wonderfully. The calendars went to print last week full of adorable adoptable pets and the children who love them dearly, and of course 12 happy sponsors who’s donations made getting all the calendars printed possible.

None of these images are in the calendar. You’ll have to wait for it to come out and get yourself a copy to see all the kids and pets together.

I promise it’s chock full of cuteness and a wonderful way to support one of our local shelters. 100 percent of the proceeds goes to help the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri to keep their doors open. And like shelters all over the country, they need all the help they can get right now.

Look forward to future postings on how you can order your calendar hot off the press.

Pet Photography Examiner- Examiner.com

Pet’s are a major part of my life and photographing them is a big love of mine. Like children they are blessed with a vast range of personalities. I have enjoyed all I have encountered over the years.

I photograph pets in their homes, at events, on location, in shelters, on farms, and a variety of other places too numerous to mention. I think it is safe to say that I have a little experience with the subject.

So I write about photographing pets as well and have a column with Examiner.com titled Pet Photography Examiner. I cover topics for the St. Louis and Southeast Missouri Region.

I write about subjects like, how to take a better photo of your pet, camera settings, and interviews with photographers from areas throughout the region.

You can find a complete list of my articles on pet photography by clicking here.

Interview: Gretchen Steele, hunting dog photographer

A typical morning for many photographers is up early, dress nicely, and out the door for coffee on the way to the studio or location.

But Gretchen doesn’t start her day like most photographers. She’s up long before the sun, suited up in camo, yes I said camo, and in a duck blind or field, waiting for dawn to break. She’s prepped everything the night before and is ready to take on the days events.

Gretchen is a hunting dog photographer. Working dogs or not, they are pets, but these are pets that earn their keep so to speak. The dogs she works with hunt birds, both water and land, which means they are retrievers and pointers. They are breeds like Labrador’s, Spaniels of all varieties, and German Shorthair’s..

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